Dear 18 months little baby,

thank you joining us traveling for the first time and been so calm during the trip. We can’t wait to explore the world with you. Maldives, NZ, Norway, Turkey, NYC, Japan, etc are still waiting to be unlocked. I believe it’ll be more fun unlock them all together with you.

Abi dan Ibuk – with Rizki Nur at Pantai Tanjung Tinggi Laskar Pelangi Belitung

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Belitong is very recommended for a short getaway!
with direct flight only 50 min from Jakarta, you’ll find such a paradise that is no less stunning than Bali or Lombok.
1. book hotel jauh2 hari kalo mau dapet hotel yang bagus dg view yg bagus juga terutama di peak season (kalo keabisan di situs booking online jangan sedih, telpon aja sales hotel nya biasanya masih ada)
2. sewa mobil karena tujuan wisata jauh2 dan angkutan umum ga available. taksi ada tapi mahal dan armada nya dikit. motor juga bisa tapi ya mayan tepos pantatnya. pilihan mobil juga lumayan variatif dr yg kecil, sedang, besar. matic non matic. pilih mobil yg nyaman penting krn perjalanan yg lumayan jauh apalagi kalo sama bumil/bayi/balita/lansia. sesuaikan juga waktu kedatangan-keberangkatan biar maksimal pemakaian mobilnya. oiya minta antar-jemput di bandara biar lebih hemat.
3. Belitong cukup menyenangkan untuk jalan2 segala usia. mau island hopping juga ga terlalu jauh jaraknya cuma sekitar 20-30 min. cuma hati2 pas milih kapalnya cari yg rada bagusan dikit dan ga lambat jalannya kek siput wkwk
4. kuliner seafood nya wajib coba: Batu Garuda. yg lainnya ada di tripadvisor wkwk

Sampai jalan2 berikutnya, teman traveling, teman hidup, teman berangkat bareng, teman bobo, teman serumah, teman makan, teman berantem, dan teman teman šŸ˜˜ – with Rizki Nur at Bandara H. A. S. Hanandjoeddin (TJQ) (Bandar Udara H.A.S. Hanandjoeddin)

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Always love the astonishing effect when everything’s beyond expectation: the journey, hospitality from locals, the kids’ enthusiasm, the culture, the stars, the magnificent houses, the stories, the weather, the grass, the forest, even the smoke from inside the house. Grateful is the best word to express the emotion. – at Desa Waerebo, Flores

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to sum up last 9 days:
3D2N sailing and Live on Board (LoB) āœ…
18 km returns hiking to hidden village Waerebo āœ…
500 miles roadtrip from west to east Flores āœ…
make new friends āœ…

best trip so far, thanks guys! till we meet again~
Thanks Canaya Tour for trip arrangement, super recommended! – with Danny, Rizki Nur, Cynthia, Andini , Bella, and Biyan at El Tari International Airport (KOE)

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Akhirnya rilis juga!

Bingung mau ngajakin pacar/gebetan/gacoan kemana? Stress sama kerjaan? Langsung aja cekidot Goers!

Goers by Niki Yaumi

Jgn ngaku anak gaul Jakarta kalo blm pake aplikasi ini. Yg gaul makin gaul, yg blm gaul bisa jadi gaul #toomuchgaul – with Anselmus Krisma Adi and Niki

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